Why A Balanced Diet Is Important For Dental Implant Health

Balanced-DietDental implants can have many great benefits for your oral health. And much like a great diet helps your overall health, it can help keep teeth and gums healthy too. Here are six great foods to add to your plate for better oral health:

1) Dairy Products. Dairy products like milk and cheese strengthen teeth, making them more resistant to plaque and tooth decay. Have a glass of the beverage chilled with dinner or before bed. You will sleep much better and improve your oral health.

2) Whole Grains. Research shows that patients who consume several servings of healthy whole grains per day can reduce their risk of periodontal disease by up to 23 percent. Whole grains can also reduce inflammation. Add whole grain products with low sugar, healthy ingredients and a label that says “100 % whole grains”.

3) Peanut Butter. Peanut butter may be sticky, but it also contains nutrients that are beneficial for your teeth and gums. Add it in the morning to toast or to an apple or celery snack. Just be sure to look for products without sugar and brush your teeth after enjoying this sticky condiment.

4) Brown Rice. Brown rice has the same benefits as a full serving of whole grains and packs the same punch of anti-inflammatory power. Substitute brown rice for white rice or potatoes and watch your teeth and gums thank you.

5) Raisins. These dried fruits contain phytochemicals, antioxidants that kill bacteria responsible for gum disease and cavities. A handful of these tiny snacks gives great flavor and health benefits. Just avoid any raisin products that have added sugar or are covered in other sweet substances. Chocolate or yogurt can cancel out the healthy benefits.

6) Salmon. This fish contains healthy proteins that can strengthen teeth, fortify gums and reduce inflammation. This healthy fish can also benefit your diet by adding healthy cholesterols.

Don’t Forget Brushing And Flossing

All of the wonderful diet foods in the world cannot substitute for proper and regular dental hygiene. No amount of fish or milk will strengthen teeth that are not being brushed and flossed in a healthy manner. So plan on picking up your toothbrush first before incorporating any changes into your diet. Twice a day should be the minimum. Flossing after meals can also help with oral health, along with regular visits to the dentist.

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