Fort Lauderdale Small Business Review: Fit Factor

Locally-owned gym in Fort Lauderdale, FLWith the new year in full swing, many of us out there are taking this time to focus on self-improvement for 2016. One of the most notable goals that many people make for the new year is related to health, fitness or weight loss. Although we go into the new year with the best intentions, following through on our commitments is easier said than done. It’s estimated that a mere 8% of people that make New Year’s resolutions will actually achieve their goals. So, how can we stick to our health-related goals this year? A key aspect to consider is the gym or facility we choose to use for our health goals. Using a gym with a lack of equipment or a negative atmosphere can actually be a make-or-break factor that affects your ability to reach your goals. While there are plenty of corporate-owned gyms to choose from, you won’t find the same encouraging environment you can find at a locally-owned gym. Continuing on with our series of blogs dedicated to highlighting Fort Lauderdale’s latest and greatest local businesses, Dr. Daniel Fenton has a special treat for his readers looking to get fit this new year. Fit Factor is a locally-owned gym that has been a motivating and challenging atmosphere for many individuals here in Fort Lauderdale. Follow along as dental implant provider, Dr. Fenton gives a brief look at this local small business.

Reaching Fitness Goals at Fit Factor

This local gym provides all of the necessary tools needed to reach your specific fitness goals for the new year. You’ll find this gym at 916 NE 20th Avenue, in the building right next to Blue Water Sailing School. Although the facility is on the smaller side, you won’t find the skilled guidance for training and nutrition at any large chain-owned gym. Fit Factor has knowledgeable fitness specialists that can help you in different aspects of your health. Personal training options at this local gym can be great for clients at any skill level. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just starting to exercise for the first time, Fit Factor can be the perfect gym to catapult your fitness goals. The trainers at Fit Factor focus on using proper form, keeping workouts exciting and challenging, and using the latest findings in exercise and nutrition. Fit Factor can also provide nutritional guidance to help attain the best results possible.

This gym is particularly great because they focus on some aspects of fitness that many people forget about — flexibility and mobility. Fit Factor offers assisted stretching for thirty-minute sessions. There are plenty of benefits to stretching included better flexibility, injury prevention, improved posture, better mobility and range of motion, and improved circulation. Spending time to make stretching and mobility a priority will end up benefitting your health and performance in the gym in the long run along with preventing possible injuries. If you happen to be recovering from an injury, Fit Factor has rehabilitation programs that can best get you back into daily routines and physical exercise. Professionals at Fit Factor make sure to recognize the client’s current limitations to base their programming on ways to improve into independence. Again, proper form and skilled techniques are emphasized while training post-rehabilitation.

Fit Factor’s facility is also great for a diverse crowd of gym goers. They have a few different options for cardio equipment along with a selection of free weights, strength machines, kettlebells, TRX suspension training, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about this local gym, visit the Fit Factor website for additional details on their services and facility.

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