Fort Lauderdale Small Business Review: Hot & Soul

Hot & Soul in Fort Lauderdale, FLWith so many restaurants based on fancy decor and gimmicks, it can be pretty difficult to find an eatery that truly impresses restaurant goers with the food alone. Here in Fort Lauderdale, we can think of no better restaurant to feature than Hot & Soul. This local restaurant offers dishes that are rich in flavor and unique to the community. With an eclectic range of options on their menu, we doubt you won’t be able to find something to fall in love with. In the spirit of our support for fellow small businesses in the community, we’d like to continue our small business spotlight series by showcasing Hot & Soul. The local eatery is a combination of techniques and flavors taken from their experience in Boston, New Orleans, and San Diego. Now here in South Florida, locals can enjoy the perfect marriage of unique flavors and quality ingredients. To explain more about Hot & Soul, Dr. Daniel Fenton takes a break from his usual dental implant and oral health blogs to give readers a look at this local restaurant.

Food Made with Love at Hot & Soul

The name Hot & Soul fits perfectly for the heart and soul the husband-wife duo put into each of their dishes. The restaurant is a must-try spot for anyone interested in trying out international cuisine. You’ll find Hot & Soul located at 3045 N Federal Highway, Suite 60B, which is just a short drive away from our office on E. Commercial Boulevard. From the outside, this local restaurant can be easy to miss because it is a pretty small cozy space. It’s right next to Beijing Chinese Food and features a purple color scheme.

Walking into this restaurant, you’ll immediately notice how welcoming and friendly the environment is. The eatery features plenty of seating and quirky decor that fit in perfectly with the mom-and-pop feel of the space. You’ll have plenty of seating options with a large communal table, smaller intimate tables, and high-top seating at the bar area. Although this restaurant is rather trendy, you won’t find the environment to be pretentious at all. Hot & Soul takes the fuss out of eating out and simply provides high-quality dishes. The restaurant features chalkboard signs displaying their beers on tap and the latest specials. It also features quirky artwork and purple string lights to add to the ambiance of the restaurant.

The story behind Hot & Soul is as interesting as the unique blend of cuisines they serve at the restaurant. Hot & Soul is the creation of a foodie couple and their love of bold flavors and unique techniques. They’ve traveled to New Orleans and learned about the rich spices and flavors used. They have also traveled to San Diego where they learned about craft beer, ethnic cooking, and sourcing from small farms. Through all of their travels, the duo has learned a lot about creating one-of-a-kind dishes and now brings their experiences to Hot & Soul.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the type of restaurant Hot & Soul is because of the range of dishes offered. Their menu boasts an impressive range of choices with dishes like a soba noodle salad, chicken adobo, gumbo, and more. They also have perfectly crafted desserts with options like dulce de leche custard and dark chocolate pistachio and sea salt bark. This restaurant is open on Monday from 5 to 10 and is open from 4 to 11 from Tuesday to Saturday. For more information on this local restaurant, visit the Hot & Soul website.

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