7 Ways You Can Help Ensure Dental Implant Success

smile imageDental implants are the standard of care for patients that want to replace missing or damaged teeth. With a 95% percent success rate, patients often select dental implants because they are permanent, easy to care for and look just like your natural teeth. A few short visits with Dr. Fenton can restore a beautiful smile and help you regain your confidence. However, there are a few things that can interfere with your chance of dental implant success. Continue reading to discover important ways that patients can protect their dental implant investment and ensure that their gorgeos new smile lasts for many years to come.

Here are seven easy steps you can take to ensure dental implant success and take better advantage of dental implant benefits:

1) Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol can dehydrate oral tissues, interfere with healing and increase the chances of oral problems. If patients want the best chance of letting their implants heal properly, they should avoid alcohol until dental implants have fully healed.

2) Stop Smoking. Smoking can dehydrate oral tissues, interfere with healing and increase chances of oral diseases. Studies have also shown that smoking creates a long term danger to dental implant patients because it can increase the chances of periodontal disease and dental implant failure.

3) Follow Doctors Orders.  This is particularly important after your dental implant procedure since your implant site needs the chance to heal properly. Avoid chewing on your implant site, keep the implant site clean and inspect the area regularly to ensure that your implant fixtures heal completely.

4) Brush, Floss And See Your Dentist Regularly.  Dental hygiene is extremely important to maintaining a healthy smile. A clean mouth with help implant fixtures heal better and faster.

5) Avoid Sugar.  Sugar can change the pH balance in your mouth, increase plaque and increase the chances of cavity formation. And brushing doesn’t always help. The best way to keep your teeth and smile healthy is to avoid sugar all together.

6) Avoid Eating Very Hard Foods.  Hard foods can crack, loosen or damage natural teeth and dental implants alike. Avoid hard candies, very hard breads and other foods that could potentially damage your teeth.

7) Choose A Balanced Diet.  A balanced diet helps keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. It also helps the body stay healthy so that it can fight off infection and heal faster.

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