Bone Grafting

Dental implants are an exceptional method of tooth replacement with many benefits. However, patients must have certain characteristics in order for dental implant to properly fuse with their jawbone during the installation process. Among these characteristics, doctors like to see healthy gum tissues and good jawbone density. Sometimes a patient’s jawbone is not dense enough to support a dental implant. When this happens, patients will need a supplemental treatment called a bone graft.

Bone Grafting 101

Bone grafting is a relatively simple procedure where a portion of bone tissue is taken from an external source and placed where the jawbone is deficient. Because there is less chance of rejection, doctors prefer to take bone tissue from your own body whenever possible. Tissue can be taken from a bone bank, a synthetic source or another source of biocompatible material, but the most common area of harvesting is the chin.

During the surgery itself, an incision is made in the skin above the area that needs reinforcement. Then the doctor will carefully place the donated bone in the idea spot. The incision will then be carefully sutured and the patient will sent home to heal. The healing period lasts for up to three months before the patient can be re-evaluated for the dental implant procedure.

Do I Need Bone Grafting?

Only a doctor can determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants and if you need bone grafting. However, spaces in your bite caused by missing teeth can be detrimental to your jaw strength and bone density. Because daily use of jaw muscles while eating and speaking is essential to the health of your jaw, inability to do these things can cause your jaw tissues to deteriorate over time. This in turn impacts facial volume, resulting in a sunken facial appearance with premature wrinkles.

The only way to reduce or eliminate this problem is to fix your missing teeth with dental implants. In order for dental implants to work well, there is a baseline of tissue density that is required for dental implants. If your tissues are not sufficient, there is a significant risk of implant failure. This is why bone grafting is an ideal solution to help ready your mouth for dental implants.

Get Your Best Smile Ever With Bayview Smile Design

Regardless of a patient’s desire to restore their smile with dental implants, a healthy and dense jawbone is preferred for a successful procedure. However, if your jawbone density is not sufficient, you have options to help prepare your jawbone. One of these procedures is called a bone graft. While grafting is not ideal, most patients find that the results of the procedure are worth the cost. Here at Bayview Smile Design, we believe that you deserve a beautiful and confident smile. If you are ready to fix your missing or damaged teeth, dental implants could be the perfect solution for you. Contact our Fort Lauderdale, FL office today to discuss financing options and schedule a dental implants consultation.