Dental Implant Process

Dental implants have a remarkable success rate of well over 90 percent. They are also a low-risk, high benefit option for patients seeking superior tooth replacement options. So if you want a lifetime of confident smiles, dental implants might be the perfect treatment option for your optimal oral health.

Many patients know about the benefits, but few know the facts about the dental implants process. Here is some additional details about the four stages followed by Dr. Fenton and the staff at Bayview Smile Design to get you amazing results with dental implants:

Stage One: Initial Dental Implants Consultation With Dr. Fenton
The dental implants process is relatively simple and starts with a call to our Fort Lauderdale, FL office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fenton. Next, Dr. Fenton will use his considerable experience to analyze and measure the precise details of your mouth. X-rays will also be taken and you will be given the chance to ask questions.

Stage Two: Installing The Dental Implant Fixtures
This part of the installation involves a simple oral surgery where your doctor makes a small incision along the gum line. Next, the fixture or artificial tooth root is placed directly into your jawbone. After the fixture has been properly placed, your doctor will carefully suture your wound and prepare your mouth for healing. You will then be sent home to heal.

During this period, it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Proper healing is absolutely critical to requisite biological regeneration of bone tissue. This stage, called Osseointegration, lasts three to six months and ensures that new tissue will grow into and around the implant to keep it firmly in place. Your doctor will take this time to craft your artificial tooth as well. He will use his skill and expertise to carefully match the shape, color and texture of your natural teeth.

Stage Three: Placing The Artificial Tooth or Teeth
Once your insertion site is completely healed, you will return to Bayview Smile Design to have an abutment attached to your implant fixture. An abutment is a piece of the dental implant connecting the artificial root or fixture to the crown (your new artificial tooth). After this part of the procedure, you will be sent home to heal once more.

Stage Four: Once your implant area has healed sufficiently, you will return to Bayview Smile Design once more. Dr. Fenton will place your crown onto the abutment and your new smile will be complete!

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Don’t let your unattractive or missing teeth keep you from smiling proudly. You have options and dental implants can quickly restore your smile and your confidence. Don’t wait another day to speak to Dr. Fenton or his wonderful staff about how dental implants could give you a natural-looking new smile! You have nothing to lose but the problems caused by your missing teeth. Dr. Fenton is here to answer any questions Fort Lauderdale, FL residents may have about dental implants. Still have questions about dental implant benefits or your financing options? Check out the rest of our dental implants website or call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.