Dig in: The Best Restaurant to Try in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Local Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, FLWe’ve covered plenty of topics pertaining to oral health and dental implants through our blog posts; From the oil pulling trend to helpful hints about tackling bad breath, we hope our readers have learned a lot about proper care of their teeth and gums through our posts. Today, we’re covering something extra tasty for our readers out there. Dr. Daniel Fenton explains some of the top restaurants to try for those looking to dine out here in Fort Lauderdale. So, sit back and try not to drool over these delicious local eateries.

Dining Out in Fort Lauderdale

There are plenty of restaurant options in Fort Lauderdale that have been around for decades and some that are brand new. No matter what area you are in, you’re bound to find something that fits what you’re in the mood for. Here are some of the most-loved restaurants, old and new, that deserve a shout-out:


  • 3030 Ocean: If you’re looking for delicious seafood with a stylish and beachy vibe, try out 3030 Ocean. With a variety of seafood options available, which features locally caught meat and fresh produce, you’ll love the dishes offered on the menu. In fact, 3030 Ocean has been recognized several times from local publications as a go-to spot for Fort Lauderdale foodies. Chef, Paula Da Silva, has gained attention for her delicious dishes and was even named the top chef in Broward County. The menu features several delicious entrees including grilled local swordfish, seared Maine scallops, butter roasted main lobster, and crispy whole local snapper. 3030 Ocean is currently closed for renovations until October 23, but there are other great seafood restaurants including Tupelo or Sea Level Restaurant at Marriott Harbor Beach for our seafood junkies out there!
  • Fork and Balls: Like the name suggests, this restaurant offers a meatball-driven menu for restaurant-goers in Fort Lauderdale. After being inspired by a New York Meatball shop, Fork and Balls opened with a customizable menu, which caters to whatever you’re in the mood for. The rustic and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant brings locals lining out to try the variety of meatballs offered. You can try anything ranging from classic beef meatballs to quinoa kale meatballs. They also offer specialty cocktails and a variety of craft beers for those looking to enjoy a drink with their meatballs.
  • Market 17: This restaurant caters to restaurant goers who want to enjoy a delicious meal while being ethically responsible. The organic restaurant is based on a farm-to-table foundation. The menu is derived from the freshest ingredients with prime sourcing. Market 17 is committed to serving dishes that are prepared from scratch. The menu is constantly changing, but you can often find delicious dishes like butter poached Florida spiny lobster, slow roasted duck breast, and hearty grilled elk fillet on their menu. Those who are enthusiastic about wine and spirits will also love Market 17 with the eclectic list of wine offered.
  • S3: Sun, Surf, and Sand, known as S3 for short, is a trendy dining option located on Fort Lauderdale’s beachfront.The menu of this oceanfront dining option appeals to those looking for a coastal cuisine to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for premium cuts of meat or sushi, S3 provides delicious options while restaurant attendees enjoy a trendy and elegant atmosphere. The menu also offers fresh daily catches and sharable entrees.


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We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of great restaurants to try out in Fort Lauderdale. There is a variety of options that are great for whatever type of food, atmosphere, and price range you’re looking for. As always, we hope you enjoy your time dining out, but we also think health is an important aspect to remember too. If you suspect oral health problems like tooth loss, contact our office. We offer high-quality dental implants for those suffering from missing teeth. To begin your dental implant journey, contact our office for your free, no-obligation consultation today!