Fort Lauderdale Small Business Review: Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen

Juicery in Fort Lauderdale, FL Like we mentioned in our previous post, we’re taking a slight break from our usual oral health and dental implant topics to bring our local readers a taste of the amazing small businesses that can be found right here in Fort Lauderdale. Everything from delicious restaurants to experienced law firms can be found in our backyard, and it’s my mission to share some of them with my patients.

Today, I have a special treat for those of you who love cold-pressed juices and nutrient-packed food choices. This local eatery proves that you don’t have to sacrifice taste to get a wholesome, nutrient-dense meal or drink. Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen is dedicated to providing great juices and meals that nourish your body. With 2016 just around the corner, I’m sure many of my readers are looking to jumpstart New Year’s resolutions centered around their health. Good news for my local readers — Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen has an entire menu that will satisfy your appetite while making you feel your healthiest. Interested in finding out more about this juicery? Follow along as I give a brief overview of Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen.

Nourish, Energize, and Revive at Myapapaya

For many people, you know the feeling you have after indulging in sweet or grease-filled food. Although your appetite might be satisfied, chances are you’re going to be feeling sluggish and tired after eating something that isn’t great for your health or your waistline. It feels like everywhere you turn you’ll find fast food chains, donut shops, and other unhealthy options. With this oversaturated availability of unhealthy choices, it had me wondering — where are all of the wholesome and nutritious choices here in Fort Lauderdale?

Upon some research on Yelp, I was pleased to find a hidden gem that I had a huge variety of choices on their menu. They had everything from burgers and sandwiches to salads and bowls. But the most impressive part of their menu was the fresh and unique ingredients they use to craft a hearty, delicious dish.

After being blown away with their menu online and all of the glowing reviews, I decided to pay Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen a visit. I knew from the minute I walked into this eatery that is would quickly become a staple for my adventures eating out in Fort Lauderdale. The feeling of Myapapaya was crisp and clean, yet very comforting with a mom-and-pop shop atmosphere. It was pretty busy when I went in, which I assume was their lunch rush, but service was still friendly and prompt. The staff was quite knowledgeable about everything on their menu and had no problem answering any of my questions about their food or juices.

I ended up getting their bison burger and it was absolutely amazing! They use grass-fed bison with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and smoky ketchup on a toasted ciabatta. I meant to save half of my burger for later but it was so good, I ended up eating the whole thing! The meat was perfectly cooked and loaded with flavor. Myapapaya got it just right! To pair with my bison burger, I figured I should have a cold-pressed juice if I’m going to a juicery. I settled with their Peruvian Pink juice, which is made with pear, ginger, beet, pineapple, and inca maca. It was really refreshing and the staff explained all the great benefits of some of the ingredients. You can also browse their juice menu online where they list the benefits of each juice as well. For example, the pineapple and ginger in my Peruvian Pink juice aids in digestion while the beet cleanses the blood stream.

Overall, I was really impressed with Myapapaya and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great lunch spot in the neighborhood.

Like this review? There are more coming! Make sure to stay tuned for more reviews of local businesses here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.