Fort Lauderdale Small Business Review: Warsaw Coffee Company

Coffee Shop in Fort Lauderdale, FLThroughout my blog, I’ve been committed to educating my patients on anything and everything related to dental implants and oral health. However, I’ve also taken an interest in using this blog as a way to boost our great community here in Fort Lauderdale. From local events to favorite restaurants in the community, I hope this blog can be a resource not only for my patients but for anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area. In an effort to continue supporting the community, I’ve decided to kick off a series of blogs dedicated to highlighting the great small businesses that contribute to the local economy and our community. To begin our small business spotlight, we’re going to take a look at one of my most recent finds, Warsaw Coffee Company. Here’s a brief look at my experience at the local coffee company.

Espresso and More at Warsaw Coffee Company

You’ll find Warsaw Coffee Company located at 815 NE 13th St. The building is quite large, so it’s pretty hard to miss. This is definitely not your average mom-and-pop coffee shop with the large amount of space this shop has to accommodate the community. They even had a big patio area and bike parking. Walking into the coffee shop, I was immediately impressed with atmosphere and decor. It’s pretty easy to see that the owners put a lot of thought into the presentation of the shop right down to the tiny details. Warsaw Coffee Company is pretty spacious so you won’t have to struggle to find a spot to sit like you have to at many other smaller coffee shops. They also have a variety of seating options available, depending on if you’re there to get work done or relax. They had a lounge area with big comfy couches and chairs to relax in. If you’re trying to get some work or homework done, they have tables and stools scattered all throughout the shop.

The inside has industrial decor that adds to the overall vibe of the shop. I also particularly liked how quiet it stayed for the amount of people in Warsaw Coffee Company. The friendly and quiet atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for students or professionals that work remotely.

They have a good range of beverages and food items to choose from on their menu. The barista that helped me out was especially polite and helpful. When I wasn’t sure what to order he happily explained the different beverages on the menu and even gave me some suggestions after asking me a few questions about my preferences. I ended up ordering an iced brown sugar cinnamon latte and it was made perfectly! I can be quite picky with my coffee because there have been several occasions where my beverages have tasted burnt at other coffee shops around town. Warsaw Coffee Company did an excellent job and I was certainly not disappointed!

They have other items on the menu that you would expect including espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, chai tea lattes, Jojo tea, and cold brew. They also had a huge variety of pastries that are made fresh each day. The barista that helped me out suggested I try a pop pastry. Apparently it’s a customer favorite and after one bite, I can definitely see why. The pop pastry is like a homemade pop tart and it was simply delicious. The filling was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and it paired perfectly with my latte.

Throughout the day, they have other great options for those going during lunch or dinner times. They have great salads, sandwiches, wraps, and open toast and bruschetta. For more information on their menu, visit their site here.

Overall, I really enjoyed Warsaw Coffee Company and I will be making another trip to the coffee shop very soon. If you’re looking for a great local coffee shop, I recommend Warsaw Coffee Company for the awesome atmosphere, service, and coffee.

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