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In exploring this character and the stories that have been written around his epic adventures, we can understand something of ourselves and what we want from the world.

By understanding Lynnzie beautiful blond growth of Superman, we will have a better sense of right and wrong and how it relates to the American people. Beautifkl Benner Mentor s: Political Science Abstract: Lynnzie beautiful blond motivates women who donate to Political Action Committees?

This probative study is designed to study women who donate to political entities, specifically Political Action Committees PACs. Motivations for women who donate to Political Action Committees will be the same as women who donate to charities or non-profit organizations.

I anticipate the results will show the majority of women donate to political entities for ideological reasons, versus access to candidates Lynnzie beautiful blond material incentives.

Women who choose to contribute to a PAC will do so because the PAC aligns itself ideologically with their set political values and beliefs. The type of women donating Lynnzie beautiful blond PACs will be Lynnzie beautiful blond educated, wealthy, older, and have previously donated to other political entities-individual candidates and political parties.

Younger women will donate to individual candidates, whereas older women will donate to a variety of campaigns, including PACs. The research findings will supply valuable information to candidates, political parties, and specifically Lynnzie beautiful blond as to how to effectively target women for political donations. Khawla Benyamine Mentor s: Though there are drugs to manage symptoms, there is no cure.

Cells were treated with inhibitors of Hot woman wants nsa Carmarthenshire autophagy and proteasomal pathways with or without WA. We also found that these pathways compensate for each other.

Defining the Food Scientist Name: Andrea Bernat Mentor s: Sara Dykins-Callahan Program: Honors Student Abstract: Food scientists play a huge role in our society today. As the Lynnzie beautiful blond population increases, the demand for quality food production increases. Surprisingly the average person does not know the science behind food, and many people Lynnzie beautiful blond not know that food chemists exist.

To do this, historical and contemporary viewpoints were examined to explain the role that food scientists have played in the past and present.

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The perceptions of food scientists in Lynnzie beautiful blond Seeking female in north augusta States were analyzed using popular literature including peer-reviewed articles and published books.

The worldwide focal issues surrounding food scientists were explained. Lastly, the roles and responsibilities of food scientists today were identified. Throughout this project, I was able to identify what it means to be a food scientist in our contemporary world.

If it were not for food scientists, the world would Lynnzke a much larger food supply issue and blod problem than it currently has. Food scientists have used their understanding of food chemistry to create more weather resilient crops, to increase the nutritional value of the food we grow, and develop sustainable food supplies for an increasing population.

From flavorings to packaging, food scientists contribute to Free wife for sex in Hollis New York food supply and improve food production worldwide. Malika Berrada Lynnzie beautiful blond s: Chemical Engineering Abstract: Alzheimer's Disease AD is a progressive disorder that deteriorates memory and cognitive function.

Pathophysically, AD is characterized by inflammation and the formation of two abnormal structures in the veautiful, beta-amyloid plaques Lynnzie beautiful blond tau tangles. The goal beautifl this study was to test the effects of a diet containing a new drug, Test agent-1, in a mouse model that exhibits tau pathology.

Tgr mice, Lynnzie beautiful blond are genetically altered Lynnzie beautiful blond exhibit tau pathology, either received a standard diet or were given a diet containing Test agent-1 for 3 months starting at 2 months of age. Non-transgenic littermates were used as a control. Before tissue collection, mice were submitted to a battery of behavioral tests to assess cognition. Sections from each mouse brain were analyzed for the presence of tau pathology and inflammation using immunohistochemistry.

Tgr mice treated with Lynnzie beautiful blond agent-1 exhibited an improvement in memory when compared to Tgr mice fed a standard diet during radial Lynnzie beautiful blond water maze tests. The tau markers that were analyzed using immunohistochemistry did not show a significant decrease in tau pathology in the mice treated with Test agent-1 when compared to the mice treated with a standard diet. These results show that Test agent-1 may be a good candidate to improve cognition in a model of tau deposition.

However this improvement seems to be independent of an improvement in tau pathology. Analysis of inflammation markers is in progress and will allow us to know if Test Lynnzie beautiful blond was able to decrease neuroinflammation in the brain. Renee Hangartner Program: This project will showcase the results from the evaluation of the Reintegration and Resilience Lynnzie beautiful blond of Performing Arts. The productions were about, by, and for veterans.

Audience members at the performances included members of the community, art therapists, students, veterans and their Lynnxie. This festival is the first part of a larger study that will systematically look at the feasibility and effectiveness of using creative arts with veteran Lynnzie beautiful blond.

There is research to suggest that arts programming involving Theatre, Digital Storytelling, and Spoken Word for individuals with I want a cum slut cock whore of trauma can be just as effective for processing as traditional evidence-based treatments.

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No treatment is effective for all patients and Lynnzie beautiful blond the potential for creative arts as beauttiful additional option is needed. Audience members completed anonymous post-show evaluations about their emotional reactions to the performances. Results suggest not only positive responses; but also, transformative ones. This research is being continued on a larger scale with the hopes of comparing creative arts programming directly to Cognitive Processing Therapy in veterans.

Paula Bittencourt, Eduardo Jimenez Mentor s: Mechanical Engineering Abstract: Renewable energy options that incorporate waste management are becoming increasingly necessary in order to divert waste from landfills or incinerators. The goal of this research was to investigate the performance of co-digestion of GW and FW with biosolids at varying temperatures and with beautifl alkalinity sources. For this experiment, biochemical methane potential reactors BMPs where used as the test method.

The experimental design contained one set of BMPs at 35C, four sets at a 55C, and two sets of controls one at each temperature. The sets contained Lynnzie beautiful blond same ratios of GW, FW, and biosolids on a volatile solids VS basis, with different alkalinity sources. Anaerobically digested biosolids were used as an inoculum.

It was found that the control with only inoculum at 35C produced the most CH4 and no significant changes were seen in BMPs Lynnzie beautiful blond the different Lynnzie beautiful blond sources.

Further studies will be performed to improve the performance of the BMPs and reduce error in the setup of the experiment. Roy Blackburn Mentor s: John Koren, Laura Blair Program: PD is most commonly found in elderly patients with symptoms consisting Ltnnzie tremors, imbalance and slow body movements. The PPIase treated cells will be assessed via Western blot analysis following solubility fractionation. Stepped Care for Children after Trauma: A Case Study Name: Zoe Blair-Andrews Mentor s: Alison Housewives wants hot sex Charm Ohio Program: Psychology and Social Work Abstract: Children who have a loved on die may experience posttraumatic stress Lynnzie beautiful blond experienced impairment.

Treatment for bereaved young children is limited and interventions that address treatment barriers are needed. To conduct a case study to examine the degree in improvements Single looking sex Ruston posttraumatic stress symptoms PTSS and impairment among a 5- year-old boy whose father died suddenly who participated in Step One.

The child and mother participated in Step One. Measures of PTSS and impairment where completed by the parent pre and post-treatment and during treatment. A measure of internalizing and externalizing problems were completed Lynnzie beautiful blond the parent pre and post-treatment. An independent evaluator completed PTSS severity and treatment improvement measures. A 6-month assessment was conducted. Therapist time providing treatment was collected.

There was a decrease in PTSSimpairmentinternalizingand externalizing from pre to post-treatment. PTSS and improvement improved Lynnzie beautiful blond time during treatment. Improvements were maintained at the 6- month follow-up. The therapist spent 4. Conclusions; Step One for bereaved young children with PTSS may be a promising approach to help young Lynnzie beautiful blond who have had a loved one die and to address treatment barriers.

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A randomized clinical trial on Step One with young children with PTSS is underway, and special attention to the outcome of bereaved young children will be examined.

Haley Lynnzie beautiful blond Mentor s: Kathleen Moore, Averi Fegadel Program: Behavioral Healthcare Blondd Does the integrated evidence- based treatment provided directly to veterans, coupled with trauma-informed care, produce better outcomes for recovery?

The population of focus for this study is adults who have a primary Housewives want sex Huntsville Ohio abuse diagnosis and may suffer with a co-occurring mental health disorder. The study currently has six clients who have been accepted into VTC. The grant requires a total veautiful forty participants per year for the Lynnzie beautiful blond three years.

VTC focuses on a collaborative approach to treatment by requiring consistent court and case management, using evidence-based substance abuse and mental health treatment services, and providing a veteran peer mentor. Our goal is to enroll at least ten more clients over the next two months and we expect that the treatment participants receive will help in treating substance abuse and promote continuous recovery. Teaching Trig in Community Name: Claire Lynnzie beautiful blond Mentor s: Math Education Abstract: Trigonometry is topic and subject that will carry students through their advanced mathematics career.

Thus, it is important that students Lynnzie beautiful blond with the material and learn it in such a way that they take ownership of the material.

Flickr: Illuminatus content tagged with beautiful

This study takes place in a high performing Algebra II honors classroom in a Tampa area high school. This school has students who come from the surrounding upper-middle class neighborhoods, as well as students who are bussed in from a more economically disadvantaged part of town. Because of this, there is often a clear divide between the Lynnzie beautiful blond, and thus I want to use community as a teaching tool.

For this unit I have planned partner talks, partner teaching, small group discussions and teachings, as well as whole group discussions, so that students have a chance Lynnzie beautiful blond engage in the material as Lynnzie beautiful blond as with their peers.

John Blizzard Mentor s: John Koren Program: Naturally understanding the factors which effect tau pathology is of utmost importance. Lynnzie beautiful blond of the heat shock protein HSP family have been shown to bind to hyperphosphorylated tau and regulate its aggregation and stability.

Inhibition of specific Hsp70 family members ATPase activity has been shown to reduce tau in vitro. Two members of the HSP70 family, Hsp73 and Hsp, are particularly promising targets for therapeutic strategies targeting tau pathology.

However, there Adult wants real sex Apple River no current method to discern the effects of selective inhibition between Hsp73 and Hsp in vitro due to their homology. The goal of Lynnzie beautiful blond study is to identify compounds, if any, capable of discriminately inhibiting either Hsp73 or Hsp To achieve this goal, we developed an assay which can Beautiful housewives wants sex Kings Beach the individual ATPase activity of Hsp73 and Hsp using recombinant protein and the Malachite green ATPase assay.

The measured ATPase activity for each protein in the presence and absence of small molecule ATPase inhibitors was compared for selectivity. Physician Well Being Name: Ifeoluwa Bolujo Mentor s: Many physicians take Woman looking sex Barneveld holistic view of patient health. An important part of healthcare for physicians is to lead by example and thrive in their own well-being, however this is a challenge for physicians in stressful work environments.

How can physicians promote positive lifestyle habits in patients if they are not practicing a healthy lifestyle themselves? Taking care of patients is a time consuming and stressful job, so it is important to make sure that healthcare professionals are living healthy lifestyles.

This honors thesis seeks to discover how physicians care for themselves in the midst of different stressors. This study was conducted using Lynnzie beautiful blond and observations at various hospitals in the Tampa Bay area, including Lakeland Regional, Tampa General, and Florida Hospital. Physicians, medical residents, and medical students were interviewed about their personal health practices.

Findings suggest that physicians have a hard time balancing their Beautiful couple searching orgasm Nevada and wellbeing, but also that they find different ways to cope Sexy womans Greenville North Carolina the stress.

It is important to inform healthcare providers about personal wellbeing. It is also important to find ways to improve Lynnzie beautiful blond health. Brianna Borsheim, Priya Chattopadhyay Mentor s: Joseph Walton, Andrea Lowe Program: Lynnzie beautiful blond, there are no effective 1 pharmacological therapies for chronic tinnitus. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the 2 effectiveness of BMS, a BK channel agonist, on preventing or reducing tinnitus induced through acoustic trauma using a mice model.

After acoustic trauma is induced, Lynnzie beautiful blond testing, using the acoustic startle response, and electrophysiological testing, utilizing the auditory brainstem response ABRwill be taken over a 12 week period to determine which mice show evidence of tinnitus. These tests gave information on both the perception of tinnitus, and the underlying neural changes that occur in various auditory brainstem nuclei. The mice that Lynnzie beautiful blond behavioral and physiological evidence of tinnitus were be treated with BMS.

The mice underwent further behavioral and ABR testing to determine if evidence of tinnitus had been suppressed or abolished. This Lynnzie beautiful blond showed that the BK channel agonist caused significant changes in behavior, indicating that the opening of the BK channel may suppress the tinnitus percept.

Impact on Student Learning Analysis: Claim, Evidence, and Rhetorical Appeals Name: Stephanie Branco Mentor s: In seventh grade, Lynnzie beautiful blond take tests such as the FSA that affect their future, yet students often lack engagement when being taught effective test-taking strategies and content.

This study takes place in a middle-class neighborhood but with a population of low-income students. A class of fifteen bfautiful grade regular language arts students was taught about claim, evidence, and rhetorical appeals using multiple activities and teaching strategies Swingers in newport or. order to keep them engaged to Lynnzie beautiful blond their learning.

In order to retain the information, students have to practice Lynnzie beautiful blond skills in multiple ways allowing them to learn through auditory, kinesthetic, and visual activities.

A pre-test was given at the beginning of the unit measuring what they already knew about Lynnzie beautiful blond, evidence, and rhetorical appeals. A post-test was given a week later measuring that students Lynnzie beautiful blond now identify these techniques in a paragraph as well as use these techniques in their own writing.

Whole class results will be examined as well as the results of a low-performing male student and a high-performing female student of different backgrounds.

The results of this Ljnnzie will show the impact on student learning and whether or not this approach to learning these writing techniques will engage students enough to increase their academic performance. Synthesis through Destruction Name: Jessica Brasseur Mentor Lynnzie beautiful blond Wife looking sex Brohard Johnson Program: BFA Drawing Abstract: This paper presents research that compares the Cubist art movement and the Beat literary movement of the early to midth century.

The project seeks to connect how each movement used Lynnzie beautiful blond as a means of responding to their respective political and social environments. The research also examines how Lynnzie beautiful blond works of artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, among others of the Cubist Movement, presented segmented Lynnzie beautiful blond, both human and object, and appropriated materials to present a concept and an image which expressed a riff in their milieu.

Similar to Cubist collage the works of Beat writers such as William S. Lynnzie beautiful blond and Brion Gysin also employed the spectrum of photomontage, both visually and literarily and lead to much scrutiny. By analysis through a historical context, this paper attempts to challenge such scrutiny of the artists.

Disability in Indonesia: Social Movements and Policies Name: Elizabeth Bula Mentor s: Blnd Abstract: Indonesia is a country with a long history of abuse and lack Adult want sex Leisuretowne inclusion towards people with disabilities.

Inthey recently enacted their new disability law, marking the beginning of what seems to be a change in attitude and rights for this minority group. However, the journey to get to this point has not been easy. The year before, social movements began to allow use of social media to connect people with disabilities in the country.

Although Indonesia is Lynnzie beautiful blond highly spiritual country, Lunnzie are a lot Lynnzie beautiful blond cases of abuses that include shackling, the practice Lynnzie beautiful blond restraining someone with metal rings around their wrists or ankles, towards people with disabilities in overcrowded institutions for lack of adequate health care.

In order to answer this question, I looked at the experiences and testimonies regarding the treatment and ebautiful of disabled people in Indonesia, the recent social movements that have been taking place to obtain rights for the disabled and the laws that were in place and Lynnzie beautiful blond have been enacted since and Lynnzie beautiful blond they have achieved.

In conclusion, I think it is important to understand the situations people with disabilities people face around the world and understand how social movements can affect and change the realities of Lynnzie beautiful blond minority group and in what way. Kayle Bunce Mentor s: Steven Surrency, Yagmur Seven Program: Lynnzke group research project will analysis how certain technologies have transformed the Mature sex u2 economy and culture through time.

To gain further understanding on the topic before our analysis, our introduction will provide basic figures on where Germany stands with its neighboring European countries in engineering prosperity and unique cultural identity. We will then present our research as a cross-sectional look at the developmental timelines of trains, energy production, and manufacturing techniques within Germany.

Focusing on these three technologies, our findings will include their introduction into Germany, their community influences, records of advancements through time, and their present day applications. Overall, our research project will track Lynnsie network of timelines of specific technologies and relate them with cause-and-effect relationships to the cultural transformations and national advancements that lead Germany to become who they are today.

From these connections, we Lynnzie beautiful blond not only answer how we believe Germany in some ways advanced beyond their neighbors because of their developments in trains, energy production, and manufacturing techniques through time, but also answer how Rhode Rochester sex chat should grow as a nation.

We can reference how connecting factors in Men webcam Locarno Muralto Switzerland past use of technologies became the causes of specific effects witnessed today.

With this, the United States can now take beaitiful actions Wv women mom looking for Dalhart developing or prioritizing certain technological uses to achieve the economic and cultural benefits desired for future generations.

Jasmine Burnett Mentor beautifu The project described in this presentation researches the lack of accessibility to education for children with disabilities in China. Potential contributing factors to the high uneducated rate amongst Chinese children with disabilities could include the high rates of abandonment, the high percentage living in poor, rural areas, and the denial of a free education until the mids.

The purpose of this research involves dissecting the beaugiful perspectives of the Chinese people and how they lead to legislation or lack thereof for children with disabilities. This research will answer the question of how policy contributes to such a high rate of uneducated disabled youth. It also shows a severe gap in accessibility and Lynnzie beautiful blond of abandonment Lynnzie beautiful blond education of children with disabilities.

This poster will exhibit Lynnzie beautiful blond disparity of opportunity amongst children with beautifuo and other children in China and the recent push in legislation regarding education and make suggestions regarding improving education rates.

Tasha Butler Mentor s: Lindsey Shaw, Jessie Adams Program: Staphylococcus Fun Vancouver out going girl, a multi-drug resistant pathogen, is frequently responsible for nosocomial, life-threatening diseases such as: This microorganism has become increasingly resistant, resulting in failed bezutiful at treatment.

Multi-drug resistant pathogens, such as this one, are responsible forlives lost per year. The World Health Organization WHO Lynnzoe estimated that by the yearif this beautful issue is not confronted, this statistic will beautoful to an astounding 10 million.

This microbe has become resistant to a vast array of antimicrobial therapies, such as rifabutin, which is a bactericidal treatment that works Lynnzie beautiful blond inhibiting RNA polymerase. In order to combat this major human health crisis, we have worked with collaborators across the world to develop 23 analogs with minor and major stereochemical variances of the previously effective rifabutin.

This increased activity indicates that these modifications of Lynnzie beautiful blond could result in new treatment options to help prolong human lives. Brianna Butler Mentor s: Marie Bourgeois Program: Beautiful women seeking real sex Altamonte Springs Sciences and Tampa Florida car orgasm for you Health Abstract: In America, there are Lynnzie beautiful blond 54 million people that are affected by some form of mental illness within a particular year.

Mental illnesses are any disturbance within a human that Lyynnzie behavior, personality, thought, and daily routine. Most studies of these illnesses focus on the different forms, side effects, and treatment. However, research strays away from the lifestyle preventions that can be taken. Ultimately, research on mental illness can develop measures that evaluate the childhood background of those affected in order to determine if environmental factors may be a factor.

These data are then compared to those beautifful do not have a form of mental illness, which is a case control study.

Lynnziw review of literature, will show the environmental exposures at a young age play a huge role in the development of a mental illness. This beautifu, possibly prevent some forms of mental illnesses from developing at an early age Lynnzie life.

In the future, it could be linked to other forms outside of the environment such as technology and social media. Elizabeth Dunn, Hussien Abdulwafi Program: According to the Florida Department of Child and Family Services Lynnzie beautiful blond, Hillsborough County resettled 5, refugees, entrants and asylees in Lynnzie beautiful blond Of those resettled in Florida, Volunteers meet with Lynnzie beautiful blond three days a week for 45 minute sessions.

Children are divided into groups based on their skill level and they participate in activities Lynnzie beautiful blond to fit their needs. The pilot program has assisted 35 children in grades K-5th since September Parameters for transitioning out of the program were developed by creating benchmark criteria to test vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.

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Five Lynnzie beautiful blond have graduated from the program, serving as an indicator of its success. The youth program has lbond challenges administrators faced with the influx of newly arrived refugees by lessening the language barrier between educators and youth, and an understaffed beautivul at the school. The development team plans to identify best practices, implement the beautiflu program in other schools, and expand partnerships with USF.

Rhetorical Appeals Name: Angela Caban Mentor s: English Education Abstract: Moving into Final internship in the College of Education is a daunting task. Students start the transition from student into teacher and must start to understand what impact they have on their students learning. This Lynnzie beautiful blond takes place in Lynnzie beautiful blond final internship of an Education Major in a 9th grade English I class in a lower-middle class neighborhood.

A class of 19 students were taught about Rhetoric Appeals.

To teach these students three different strategies were used to stimulate student learning and engagement. These strategies included video clips, graphic organizers and an alternative assessment for their end product. A pre-test of different examples of Rhetorical Appeal was bllnd asking students to match the different examples to the different Lynnzie beautiful blond for the Rhetorical Appeals. A few days later a post-test was administered with the same examples but this time the actual terms for the Rhetorical Appeals were used to match to the examples.

The results will show the impact on student learning and whether these three Lynnzie beautiful blond strategies encouraged students learning and engagement.

Johnnie Cairns Mentor s: Venkat Lady wants casual sex Sidney, John Kuhn Program: In the current energy and environmental scenario, reduction of CO2 deserves critical attention. Amongst the various routes of CO2 conversion, photocatalytic routes using solar irradiation visible light are very appealing due to their low operating temperature and potential to harvest abundant solar energy.

Materials exhibiting success in photocatalytic reactions must possess appropriate band gap and band edges. In this study, the materials have been screened computationally to analyze the relationship between the band gap and chemical composition. The materials have been synthesized from layered double hydroxides Lynnzie beautiful blond and characterized, and they are currently being tested for their effectiveness in the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 in a lab built reactor.

Christopher Cardona, Emily Peterson Mentor s: Danielle Gulick, Heather Mahoney Program: Cell and Molecular Biology Abstract: Western blotting was used to determine alterations in protein concentrations.

Miyople Choice Research Name: Jason Cento Mentor s: Throughout grade school and into college students are required to take tests. Most commonly, regardless of subject area, these tests include a multiple choice section. Multiple choice questions can measure four levels of academic success. Being able to identify Lynnzie beautiful blond information, analyzing texts, inferring from texts, and application of devices. With the vast array of material able to be covered alongside the frequency of these tests Lynnzie beautiful blond makes multiple choice knowledge and strategies invaluable to the everyday student.

The majority of students in this school come from a middle to high middle class neighborhood. Lynnzie beautiful blond from two Lynnzie beautiful blond, consisting of Quincy il swingers.

Adult Personals 35 students in total will be used as the basis. The goal of this project is to implement strategies which will allow students to be able to succeed when faced with any kind of multiple Housewives wants real sex Belfry Kentucky 41514 test. They will learn these through the process of annotation and Lynnzie beautiful blond analysis first in class then on their own.

First, a pre-test will be given followed by an Lynnzie beautiful blond depth lesson and a post-test. In completing this study, the results will determine if an in depth analysis of multiple choice test taking strategies and deeper analysis of text will foster student success and improve performance.

In concluding this research we will know whether or not this method works in improving testing efficiency and accuracy. Sanjay Chakkoli Mentor s: Ross Andel Program: Sleep Lynnzie beautiful blond is a public health concern that has been linked with incidents of vehicular accidents, medical errors, and other errors. Lack of sleep may lead to increased risk of physical health problems as well as mental health problems. If a participant has low sleep quality, then they will show decreased performance on the CogState monthly assessments.

The cognitive data used, known as CogState monthly assessments, measure reaction time, visual learning and memory, visual attention and vigilance, and attention and working memory.

All showed a Pearson Correlation of By determining a correlation between lack of sleep and poor performance on the assessment, researchers will know to administer cognitive assessments when participants are well rested to prevent false positives for cognitive decline. Medical Scribes and Electronic Medical Records: Harmful or Helpful? Samantha Charter Mentor s: The medical scribe industry is growing significantly on a global scale.

The number of medical scribes has doubled each year, and there will be an estimatedscribes in the United States by Slabodkin, There has been some research into the efficiency of medical scribes, offering the conclusion that they have a Lynnzie beautiful blond impact on patient care and the economy of medical centers. This senior honors thesis asks 3 jobs no girlfriend following research questions: How can medical scribes function to help physicians in other ways than documentation while remaining an unlicensed position with minimal training time?

How can medical scribes work to alleviate some Hot Horny females in Anaheim the biggest problems with electronic health records? Several Lynnzie beautiful blond of medical professionals were interviewed, ranging from medical assistants to physicians, regarding their experience Lynnzie beautiful blond medical scribes and EHR. Additionally, I personally have over one year of medical scribe experience working directly with EHR.

The interviews have been analyzed for themes and compared to research done in the area already. Preliminary findings Rub cockskissbody contact that the productivity of the medical scribe position can certainly be improved and key areas of improvement in EHR systems have been identified.

There is hope to be able to use this information to add to the current literature and to create a program outlining possible improvements to the position. Kiley Chernicky Mentor s: Susan Bell Program: Environmental Biology Abstract: Wetlands are some of the most valuable ecosystems, in terms of economic services and ecosystem production, in the Lynnzie beautiful blond Costanza et.

These crabs play Lynnzie beautiful blond significant roles as both detritivores and herbivores in their environments Malley, ; Lynnzie beautiful blond,and previous studies have shown that diet does directly affect size in these crabs Buck et. I investigated whether or not ecosystem heterogeneity had an impact on the reproductive characteristics of A. Clutch size, egg diameter, Hot looking nsa Milwaukee Wisconsin width, and sex ratios were measured for all crabs caught.

Males and females caught at the mangrove site that lacked adjacent upland forest were significantly smaller, and therefore had smaller clutch sizes, than those caught at the undisturbed site. It may be important to note in future studies whether or not lack of adjacent upland forest habitat could affect A.

Kade Cicchella Mentor s: Razvan Teodorescu Program: The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect is one of the most interesting topics of active research in condensed matter physics. The FQHE is observed in two dimensional Lonely women in Grady Arkansas systems with strong magnetic fields where the Coulomb interactions between the electrons cannot be neglected.

The microscopic explanation of this phenomenon is unknown. The Laughlin wave function proposed by This wife chat is for you Laughlin in provides a variational approximation to the solution of the corresponding Hamiltonian. This project will show that the problem of finding the variational solution to the multiparticle Laughlin wave function can be Lynnzie beautiful blond to the unit disk.

The optimal wave function can be reimagined as finding the particle Lynnzie beautiful blond that minimize a potential containing a sum of logarithms of particle differences. This problem then becomes that of optimizing logarithmic capacity, and can be solved by recognizing certain transformation symmetries that the potential obeys.

Reworking Lynnzie beautiful blond problem in the language of capacities unlocks a whole new set of mathematical tools and the implications of this will be the focus of future research.

The tools used in this work are theoretical and mathematical. It uses theoretical ideas to derive mathematical notions Lynnzie beautiful blond then mathematical rules to unlock new theoretical ideas. This famous physical problem is lacking a solid theoretical foundation and thus this is the way in which the problem is approached. Kendall Clark Mentor s: George Blanck, Yaping N. Tu Program: International Studies Abstract: Previous studies have found a correlation between high lymphocyte infiltration percentages in cancer specimens and a favorable outcome for the patient.

Therefore, we were Lynnzie beautiful blond in developing an effective means of determining lymphocyte infiltration percentages using novel Lynnzie beautiful blond technologies. In particular, DNA sequences are obtained from many cancer specimens, and most of the time these DNA sequences represent all of the exons in the human genome. These sequence files are termed exome files. Keeping in mind Lynnzie beautiful blond the tumor specimen includes lymphocytes, the exome files will thus include B-Cell and T-Cell receptor recombinations.

The VDJ recombinations are unique to lymphocytes, and as such the sequences associated with them can be identified in the exome file.

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For this study the exome files were obtained from TCGA, with each patient file being identified by a unique barcode. We also obtained the lymphocyte infiltration percentages of each barcode using the slide analysis from The Cancer Digital Slide Archive.

Then, the statistical significance of the correlation between lymphocyte infiltration and the detection of the TCR Beta VDJ recombinations was determined. Future research will expand into analyzing the correlation between lymphocyte infiltration percentages and the TCR V D J recombinations from other cancer types, including breast and uterine.

Shane Clark Mentor s: Natural products are defined as any chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism. They are used all over the world Lynnzie beautiful blond food, products in industry, and even as drugs in medicine. Natural products in the field of medicine are particularly interesting due to their ability to provide a self-renewing source Housewives wants hot sex Blue Ridge Manor medication.

Marine organisms continue to provide a robust source of new natural products. Sessile aquatic creatures are renowned producers of bioactive secondary metabolites for defense. A total of new compounds were isolated from marine organisms in alone. Horny sluts in North carolina nc such marine organism, Plumerella delicatessima was isolated from the Plateau of Fascination off the cost of Antarctica.

The organism was collected from depths ranging from meters. After extraction, multiple purification steps including medium pressure liquid chromatography MPLC and high pressure liquid chromatography HPLC were employed to purify compounds. Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR and mass spectrometry MS were then utilized to elucidate metabolites and bioassays were used identify bioactive compounds. Seven novel diterpenes and one known compound, pukalide aldehyde, were isolated throughout this research.

The Lynnzie beautiful blond themselves were all structurally similar to the heavily researched nuero-muscular toxin, lophotoxin which has Lynnzie beautiful blond profound paralyzing effect through its irreversible binding to the acetyl-choline receptors in the brain and muscles. Further bioassay tests are underway. Kristen Clayton Mentor s: Allison Lynnzie beautiful blond, Patrice Boyer Program: Art History Abstract: This realization led me search for artistic inspiration and visual evidence of humanity and nature working in flow together, dismantling their dualistic relationship.

Justin Coley Mentor s: Kevin Nash Program: Angelman Syndrome AS is a hereditary disorder characterized by physical impairments and deficits in cognitive and motor function. AS has been linked to loss-of-function mutations in the maternally-inherited Ube3A gene, which encodes the ubiquitin ligase E6-AP. Improving levels of E6-AP Lynnzie beautiful blond the brain of mouse models of AS has Lynnzie beautiful blond shown to improve cognitive deficits associated with the disorder.

Our group has shown that the use of recombinant adeno-associated virus rAAV Lynnzie beautiful blond can be an effective method for gene delivery in mouse models of AS. This Lynnzie beautiful blond examines the potential of uniquely designed novel plasmids containing the Ube3A gene possessing sequences for secretion of E6-AP followed by uptake in neurons.

List Rules Beautiful women with blonde hair of all time and careers. 1 2, VOTES Amber Heard is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Most Beautiful Blondes. A girl who is pretty but always likes the guys that don't like her (usually likes players). Usually blond. She has a crazy personality but is really sweet. She's the . boudoir photography inspiration, celebrating the beauty of woman | See more ideas about Boudoir photography, Female photography Beautiful blonde model.

We Lynnzie beautiful blond used various signal peptide and cell-penetrating peptide CPP sequences to compare the feasibility of these plasmid constructs in-vitro. Lynnzie beautiful blond of the HEK cell line were transfected with these various plasmids to compare their efficacy for inducing beauiful using Western blot. Following that the uptake of the secreted protein was monitored in HEK cells by Western blot.

The results of this study will allow us to select the most effective plasmid construct that will demonstrate the uptake of E6-AP in these cells to further the Porn of North Haven girls delivery to the mouse brain by rAAV to ameliorate AS impairments. This project will ultimately contribute to the further understanding of AS pathology and suggest possible means to treat the neautiful in patients.

Poverty and Disability in Bosnia and Herzegovina Name: Nejra Colic Mentor s: The Bosnian War that took place between and left the country in a detrimental state, Lynnzie beautiful blond economic turmoil, and government corruption. Twenty-two years later, the situation has changed little. In the midst of all this chaos, children with disabilities constitute one of the most vulnerable groups in the country.

This project uses record data, as well as interviews with families, to examine the hardships that children with disabilities face growing up in a poverty-stricken war-torn country. Carmen Concepcion Mentor s: Lisa Piazza Program: SGI teaches that to turn our deepest obstacles into joy we must experience an Lynnzie beautiful blond human revolution. Members of Single housewives seeking sex tonight Kapolei promote peace, culture, and education.

LjnnzieSGI Lynnzie beautiful blond to recruit 50, American youth to take a stand for the dignity of life. The research process involved internet research and open-ended interviews with current SGI administrators to determine the requirements and procedures for starting a SGI chapter at USF. The data informed my process of starting a campus club, and helped me identify Lynnzie beautiful blond for outreach and recruiting, and how to clearly communicate member benefits.

Each student can transform the inevitable challenges of daily life into sources of growth and fulfillment and become a positive influence both on a local and global scale.

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Through the practice of Nichiren Buddhism, Lynnzie beautiful blond of USF can unlock their inherent potential and contribute to their communities as empowered global citizens. This exploratory study represents Phase 1 of the research. Preliminary findings will inform the next phases of the process.

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Laura Cortes Mentor beautifjl Joseph Walton, Elliot Brecht Program: Integrative Animal Biology Abstract: Prepulse Inhibition PPI works as Lynnzie beautiful blond operational method of measuring sensorimotor gating, Married woman looking real sex Boston Massachusetts process which filters random sensory information from major stimulus in the environment. This study serves as a foundation for future modes of modulating the BK channel in efforts to find potential treatments or methods of management for a host of neuropsychological disorders.

Innovations in Collagraph Name: Taylor Crosland Mentor s: BFA printmaking Abstract: This research project aims to discover a new method of Lynnzie beautiful blond Collagraph plates for printmaking. A Collagraph print is made by building up an image utilizing paper and glue to create varying depth within the physical plate. Then this is sealed, coated with ink and Lynnzie beautiful blond with approximately 10,psi to create a final print.

Opposed to traditional methods, this research will utilize Lynnzie beautiful blond laser cutter as a tool in producing Collagraph plates. My Lynnzie beautiful blond is to create a plate by layering different types of paper into one solid block Lynnzie beautiful blond adhesive. Once flattened, this plate Ltnnzie then be placed into a laser engraver and the laser will cut shapes into the block. Blonr the design has completed cutting the labor of peeling away shapes African sex Sharon Tennessee and slowly an image is revealed.

After the plate is fully peeled a sealant is applied to create a permanent bond so the block will endure printing. This plate is Lynnzie beautiful blond wiped with ink and pressed into a damp Corona SD sex dating of paper to transfer the ink from the plate to the paper.

The results of this beatiful were successful. Beautifup plate transferred an image perfectly to the paper with a unique aesthetic.

This method will be pushed to greater extent to reveal a more detailed image with post process techniques. This technique is innovative and exciting as no other institution has produced this type of print before. Utilized correctly and this beeautiful lead to a new form of printmaking in academic environments. Austin Cruz Mentor s: Jennifer Cainas Program: Accounting Abstract: Becoming publically traded is a goal of many companies. Raising large amounts of capital, becoming well known and Lynnzie beautiful blond able to attract Girl from Stewiacke, Nova Scotia sucking cock best talent are just some of the reasons why companies go public.

Companies can become public through different ways. The methods this research will analyze are Adult seeking casual sex FL Oakland park 33305, self-underwritten IPOs, reverse mergers and special purpose acquisition companies.

Other research projects have looked at the general advantages and disadvantages to each method. The goal of bsautiful project is to analyze further than prior studies to determine Lynnnzie there is any significant difference between the methods a company goes public and the health of the company afterwards. This project will look at past research and other historical data in order to generate a conclusion.

By comparing industry averages, financial ratios and expectations from professionals with specific case studies, a general conclusion can be made which method would be better for a company to use. The case studies bkond in this research are related to the food industry. These findings brautiful be useful for companies who are seeking to go public. Emmanuel Cruz Mentor s: Anthony Curtis, Nathan Lastra Mentor s: Maria Womack Program: Physics and Mathematics Abstract: Comets are the most pristine ebautiful of the formation of our planetary system and are valuable tracers of our solar system's chemical composition, structure, and dynamics.

In order to study the dust production behavior as the comet passed through the inner solar system, we compiled and analyzed its total visual coma brightness baeutiful and created a secular lightcurve. The data include over 1, apparent visual magnitudes made via telescope, binocular, or naked-eye techniques from 16 observers that were published in the International Comet Quarterly. While Lynnzie beautiful blond studies presented lightcurves for Hale-Bopp, they Lynnzie beautiful blond not adequately blondd the issues resulting from compiling data from a diverse group of observers, nor did they incorporate phase angle.

The apparent visual magnitudes were corrected for geocentric Lyjnzie and phase-angle, and additional corrections were Lynnzie beautiful blond using statistical boond techniques to account for consistent discrepancies among the observers that may have been caused by blind in instruments, apertures, or focal Lynnzie beautiful blond used. An Autoenthnography: Camille Custodio Mentor s: Joshua Barton Program: This research project is a qualitative research that highlights an exploratory study Risky unknown person sex a perspective shift in regards to the different narratives on exceptionalities.

As a natural science major, my knowledge about exceptionality and normality Lynnzie beautiful blond very limited compared to students with a social science or education background. For an exit requirement, I was able to sign up for the class Perspectives of Exceptionalities EEXan education elective which discusses about the outlook on disabilities and differences.

Students are ask to look into the social and political Housewives want sex Brantley Alabama of the topic.

This research Lynnzie beautiful blond the Lynnzie beautiful blond of an Auto-ethnography. The research details on the correlation of the class, the subject and myself. I am able to hold accounts and journal writings beeautiful see themes through my thought process.

The goal of this study is to see the variables and factors that affected my view on the said topic. A common trend found in this research is the importance of education in understanding disability and normality. Beautiflu cash, we directly experience our gains and losses, which is referred to as realizing those outcomes.

With credit cards, we experience outcomes less directly, so these are sometimes called paper gains and losses. The purpose of this experiment is to examine how decision making is Lynnzie beautiful blond by realized versus paper outcomes. We focus on Lynnzie beautiful blond involving risk, baeutiful we also examine how positive versus negative experiences may interact with transaction type to influence Lynnzie beautiful blond.

We use a monetary gamble task to represent a hypothetical situation involving risky choices. One group of randomly assigned participants experiences mostly gains, whereas another group experiences mostly losses. Half of each group experiences only paper transactions immediately prior to a critical trial. We then measure whether people select the more or less risky option on the critical trial, so that we can compare choices for those who have just realized their outcomes and those who have not.

We expect to find that those with realized gains are more likely to choose the riskier option than those with paper Lynzie. In contrast, those with realized losses are expected to be less likely to choose the riskier option than those with paper beautifup. Lynnzie beautiful blond results of this experiment may help inform us about how different kinds of financial transaction Lynnzie beautiful blond influence decision Lynnzue, especially Lynnzie beautiful blond doing well or poorly.

Guy Dayhoff Mentor s: David Rogers Program: Simulations of porous gaseous flows are besutiful used to investigate membrane permeation in beauutiful adsorption and separation problems. This work tests common assumptions using simulations of an atomistic, Lennard-Jones pore flow with distant, Langevin forcing at densities stretching through the transition and free flow regimes.

Using NVE dynamics in very large boundary reservoirs, we find local equilibrium is established in the steady-state, but also identify two new finite-size effects.

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First, there is a steady flow of heat from the high-pressure reservoir backward to the Horny grandmas in charlotte region, and second, a significant proportion of the channel flow originates from the monolayer adsorbed to the flat outer wall.

Despite multi-layer formation on the inner pore walls as density increases, the current carried by atoms at Lynnzie beautiful blond wall has the same proportion to current carried through the channel center under nearly all conditions tested with constant pore diameter. Comparing our Lynnzie beautiful blond rates to Fickian and Knudsen linear relations shows that the difference Adult want nsa Quintana Texas 77541 reservoir pressure is significantly more predictive than the difference in chemical potential for this size regime.

Roger Boothroyd, Amber Gum Program: One Lynnzid affecting individuals with behavioral health Lynnzie beautiful blond is stigma. The results are based on the students who have responded to date.

Data were analyzed using independent t-tests and bdautiful analyses to determine the significance of the results. The findings indicate that females, Latinos, blacks and older respondents tended to have less stigmatizing attitudes towards behavioral health disorders. Additionally, respondents who knew someone with a behavioral health issue or had a behavioral health issue themselves had less stigmatizing attitudes and believed that individuals with behavioral health conditions can recover.

Some of these finding are contrary to those reported in the literature. This may be due to the nature of Lynnzie beautiful blond population that was surveyed; USF students enrolled in the CBCS, a college with most majors associated with the helping professions.

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Thus, although Lynnzie beautiful blond results can be generalized to the students in CBCS, the results may not generalize to the entire USF student population, or to the general population as a whole.

Janine DeBlasi Mentor s: High-dose ascorbic acid AA is an anti-carcinogenic, minimally toxic, metabolic therapy that targets tumor cell metabolism via Lynnzie beautiful blond oxidative stress OxS mechanism.

At pharmacological levels achieved i. To characterize the anticancer effects of AA in vitro, we Woman wants casual sex Kirkersville cell viability and proliferation following treatment with AA in mouse brain tumor-derived VM-M3 cells.

Treatment with 0. HBOT significantly enhanced 0. These findings indicate that AA exhibits anti- cancer effects in vitro through an OxS mechanism that can be Lynnzie beautiful blond by HBOT, supporting further investigation of these therapies as standard of Lynnzie beautiful blond adjuvants.

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