Tasty Twists for A Dental Implant Friendly Summer

summerLast week we discussed how increasing the amount of fish and seafood you eat this summer could help support the success of your dental implants. Today dental implants Fort Lauderdale, FL provider Dr. Fenton and his staff want to tell you about how making a few minor adjustments to the way you enjoy some of your favorite summertime foods could have you supporting your dental implants even further.

With the summer days growing longer and the temperature only continuing to rise, people everywhere are going to be seeking relief from the heat with summer treats like ice cream, popsicles, cold soda, juice and, of course, Slurpees. Unfortunately, none of the previously mentioned items are necessarily good for your oral health. However, with a little planning and just a tad bit more effort, you could solve this problem almost instantly.

Here are just two of the ideas we were able to come up with off the top of our heads. We’re sure that with a little thought, our patients like you could come up with plenty more tooth friendly summertime suggestions.

Pick Up Some Straws

One thing summer is synonymous with is ice cold drinks. During hot days, nearly everyone likes to chill out by the pool with an ice cold soda, lemonade, or juice. However, most drinks people reach for first are full of sugar and notoriously bad for your teeth. This means they are a threat to your dental implants.

Thankfully, straws can help protect your teeth and dental implants. When you drink from a straw it allows the liquid you are consuming to enter your mouth with the least amount of contact to your teeth. This means that the sugar in soda pop can be swallowed before it has a chance to cover your teeth in the same way it would if you were drinking it straight from a cup.

Plus, straws come in various shapes, sizes and colors that will give any drink you are sipping poolside this summer some extra pizzazz. Who doesn’t love a silly straw?

Make Your Own Popsicles

Popsicles are a summertime staple that have been around since our grandparents were kids and trust us folks, popsicles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Everybody loves cooling off with a popsicle when it’s hot outside. Unfortunately, most popsicles these days are made from fruit juices that are more part sugar then they are fruit.

However, you can solve this problem. The next time you are in the grocery store pick up some sugar-free, 100% fruit juice in your favorite flavor. You can then freeze this juice into your own homemade popsicles!

You can kick your popsicles up a notch by slicing pieces of fresh fruit like  nectarines, strawberries and raspberries and adding them to the juice before you freeze it into popsicles. Not only will doing this make the popsicles even healthier for your teeth by adding fiber (which is great for your oral health) it will make them look cooler too!

the local grocery store will have all the fruit you need to make some nifty homemade popsicles. However, if you are looking to make shopping for your popsicles fun, try visiting Las Olas Sunday Market. Here you can find all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies to take home and enjoy, or turn into popsicles!

We hope one of these suggestions has sparked the creative side in you. Let us know what other teeth friendly summertime twists you come up with!

Until next time readers, keep smiling.