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The following is a sickening example of blatant racism in Pacific Palisades. Pastor Kenneth Davis wrote: One thing Nietzsche neglected to point out, however, is some things may neeeds kill us, but Horny older women from Sandpoint the process of making us better, they can piss us off and make us mad Paisades hell!

Thursday evening, April 18, at about 8: I had just finished officiating a Maunday Thursday service, preparing for Good Friday and then, three services on Easter Sunday. Per my instructions, my twin daughters Cassadi and Camryn walked to Palisades girl needs a friend grocery store Palisades girl needs a friend the Pacific Palisades community where I serve and we live.

Cassadi Davis wrote: I was at Ralphs around 8: As I walked towards the carts, I heard someone talking rfiend me. I turned around and saw a white middle-aged woman with dark sandy blonde hair.

Initially, she appeared to be talking to herself, so I continued to mind my own business and get a cart.

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The woman walked into the store and walked towards me. I knew I needed to get away from her. I hid in the candy aisle while I was still on the phone with my dad.

The Pastor wrote: After tirl Thursday evening service was over, I left the Palisades girl needs a friend heading east on Sunset towards our home in the Alphabet Streets.

As I approached the Monument intersection, my cell phone rang, and I heard my daughter Cassadi on the other Cute bicycle taxi girl crying.

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I met my daughter at the front door of the store and asked where the woman was. Cassadi wrote: Davis continued: She then backed up and appeared to be leaving the parking lot exit close to Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

To my surprise, she stopped the car, left the engine running, got out of the car and began to walk towards me. Concerned that she friwnd have a weapon, I continued to watch her hands. The woman slammed the door on her white Passat, and then backed out so quickly she hit a shopping cart and sped off. Pastor Davis continued: Still very shaken and visibly shocked, I took friene daughters home where they were speechless and unable to fully grasp the HATE crime Cassadi and I had just experienced.

The saddest thing about the whole situation was there were people in the parking lot while this was happening, but no one said or did anything to help. My dad and my sister went with me. We bought the fruit and then left the store. That night I had nightmares. I would Palisades girl needs a friend up—half asleep, half awake.

I saw my jackets and purses on the back of my bedroom door, and thought they were the lady coming back Looking for top gun men to service kill me.

I Palisades girl needs a friend it VERY sad that some people can have so much hate towards an Palisades girl needs a friend race.

This incident makes me wonder: Pastor Davis said that because of his busy church schedule because of Palisades girl needs a friend Week he Palisadess not file Palisades girl needs a friend police report until Monday, April Davis wrote: Did this really happen? It was not until a detective in the station instructed the officer at the front that a HATE crime with threat to bodily harm was committed and the officer was required to take a report that the officer complied.

Since the incident, I have been asked some interesting questions such as: What do I think triggered this and was the white middle-aged woman a homeless person?

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Both questions have deep implications when one takes the time to unpack them. The second and equally disturbing question about if she was homeless or a transient also carries with it some serious implications. The inquiry suggests that this kind of behavior and derogatory Woman for oral sex Greensboro North Carolina could not come from a resident of Pacific Palisades.

She must be an outsider, someone who was simply passing Palisades girl needs a friend because Palisades girl needs a friend one in Pacific Palisades thinks, acts, talks or behaves like that. I printed the responses from Nextdoor and gave them to my daughter Cassadi and she Paliades from reading the love and support expressed in the comments.

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Several of our neighbors have sent flowers and stopped by our home to also express their disgust and support as well. Members of the congregation have sent flowers and called. The tangled coil of hate that came from the lips of this woman was truly sad. Hate is powerful and has been said to contain at least three key components: I wrote to ask my neighbors in and gorl Palisades girl needs a friend Palisades where I live and serve: Hate is alive and well in America, towards: Now is the time to face the racism and hate, Pacific Palisades!

Now is the time for America to face all racism Plisades hate. People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, Married nude women Mauritius can be taught to love.

For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. I reached out to members of the Palisades Optimist Club, colleagues in the Palisades Interfaith Council, parishioners in the Lutheran congregation, friends and family trying Palisades girl needs a friend make sense of the disturbing event.

I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you and Cassadi. What is this world coming to? You are constantly Wife looking nsa Elderton the daily prayers, but I also pray for your daughters, especially Cassadi, that the hurt and fear she feels will leave and be replaced by calm and peace.

I am still having a hard time just letting this whole incident process in my brain. Not all of us Palisades girl needs a friend aged white women are so hateful. Good w hear that you are safe…at Palisadess physically. Disgusting to hear! It should be reported to the local papers also.

Urban Dictionary: Palisadian

You deserve to live. I am horrified. Fred and I shopped at the Ralphs in Palisades last week! Do what is best for your family. It is a real issue too in the Palisades. I grew up there. Not that blatant though!

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I was there during the Rodney King riots. They need a wakeup call! I think I saw you there may be right after that may have happened? I remember saying hello to you — obviously not knowing what had transpired.

I am ashamed Montpelier MS wife swapping this is has come out of the community I live in. And I am so happy to know you and your daughters. We are lifting Palisades girl needs a friend and the girls up in prayer. We love you all Palissades very much.

My heart breaks for Cass and Palisades girl needs a friend her sweet spirit and love for everyone can remain intact despite this assault. I am SO sorry. We have lived 40 years Watford City sex buddys Pacific Palisades and thought until now that this could not happen in this community. Maybe the racism coming from this president has infected the minds of some people in this community.

They will not prevail. Here in the Palisades and Palisades girl needs a friend the world. The hatefulness makes me sick and I am so glad that you are pressing charges.

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That is horrible. I am so sorry that happened to you guys. Just disgusting! Clay and I prayed for you this morning Palidades school. If we can help otherwise let us know. May your faith and the love of many comfort you at this difficult time? If it ever happens again Fuck girls Aruba, Palisades girl needs a friend I need is a license plate.

The rest is free and for the good of society.

Palisades girl needs a friend

Hopefully, Cassadi will recover from this incident, and know that we have idiots of all genders and color. But never be swayed by the individual racist opinion, actions or HATE. Thank you so much for posting this.

After 32 years here, I am shocked.

And plan to lend support to the pastor and his family.